Sensuality does not wear a watch but she always gets to the essential places on time. She is adventurous and not particularly quiet. She was reprimanded in grade school because she couldn’t sit still all day long. She needs to move. She thinks with her body. ― J.Ruth Gendler, The Book of Qualities

Hello Goddess!
I am over the moon excited to announce that the first ever Swoon workshop is coming up this month in Charlottesville, VA. Aside from it being the most fun thing that I’ve ever done, it’s such an honor to present this to you as my gift to the world.

Swoon is a movement class based on the idea that as women we have the potential to unlock our most profound dreams and desires simply by getting in touch with our feminine bodies and spirits.

Women are designed for pleasure, and when we learn to tap into this, we are gorgeous, brilliant, and unstoppable! This mini workshop has been carefully crafted to open the doors to your feminine pleasure and all of it’s possibilities. Be prepared, this can be life-changing.

Through yoga centered movement, feminine dance, breath and visualization we will consciously conjure a map to our pleasure that we can access anytime we choose. You will be guided to explore and increase your divine feminine self as the amazing creatrix you were born to be. In the process, we create and celebrate the Goddesses that we truly are!

Is this right for you?

If you agree to ANY ONE of these statements then the Swoon workshop is right for you!
I want to feel more connected to and more beautiful in my body.
I want to get fit and get exercise in a fun way that serves my emotional and physical needs.
I want to increase my level of attraction to: possible mates, more fun, and supportive friends.
I  want to find ease and joy while moving through life.
I am willing to try new things in a supportive environment of other women.
I am willing to receive and provide encouragement.
I want to experience radiance, self love, and self confidence.
I want to feel like (and be) the sexiest person I know.

Follow your heart and your belly. Do you feel a zing? Butterflies? Or warmth? Did you lean in closer to the screen?

Then you need to be at Swoon.

On the flip side, Swoon is definitely NOT for you if…
you already know everything about being a woman.
you are offended by sensual movement.
you are offended by upfront talk of orgasms, the clitoris, and sexuality.
you are offended by spirituality other than your own.
you are critical of other women and their choices.

Remember, fear and nervousness is NOT the same as being offended. Check in with yourself about any feelings that come up.

If you feel called to join us, I hope to see you Saturday March 24th 4:30-6:30 for a meaningful evening of fun you won’t forget!

Contact me, Monica Buckley at to reserve your spot! It’s filling up fast so don’t wait.

Please forward this to any of your friends (women only) who you would like to Swoon with, it may be the best gift
you have ever given her. The opportunity to revel in her femininity while practicing yoga and dancing!

After the workshop, let’s go out on the town with our pleasure and radiance in full force! Yeah baby! Let me know if you’re interested in joining and
details will follow.

Location:  Speak! Language Center in the glass building downtown Charlottesville, VA
Enter at the Garrett St. entrance, parking at Water St. or Market St. garages will be validated!
Time & Date: Saturday March 24, 2012 4:30-6:30
Cost:  $40
Payment: Can be made directly to me with credit or debit card via phone or email. I use a payment system called

Bring: Yoga mat, towel, water bottle
Wear: Comfortable workout clothes that make you feel good

In gratitude and service to my pleasure and to yours,
I so look forward to Swooning with you,

You just never know when you’ll be watching a YouTube video and suddenly be moved to transformation.

You see, the past few days, my body has been really really tired and a little stuffy in the ears. So, like a good yogi, I’ve been resting (very little yoga), eating extra greens and drinking tons of herbal tea. Good for me, nipping it the bud! I’ll be back on the mat in no time!

So how is it possible that today I woke up with a full blown sore throat, exhausted and cranky?! Right about now you might be thinking…”Wow, cool story, just what I wanted to hear today (insert sarcastic eye roll here).” But wait! I promise it gets better.

Somehow, through the magic of the internet, I was led to this video that in less than four minutes had me filled with  joy, health, and inspiration.

I know, amazing!  I was about to click off the page when the gal in the middle of the group wearing the white t-shirt caught my eye.

I wasn’t just interested anymore. I was captivated. Connected to the joy of the world again.

In ten seconds – I’m grinning. In twenty seconds – I am aware of endorphins being released into my brain. In thirty seconds -I am up out of my chair and dancing around with no sore throat, only happiness.

Presto! Medicine of the best kind.


Now, I’m not saying that if you’re feeling malaise, all it takes to heal is this video. But it worked for me and chances are there’s some-thing or some-one nearby that can remind you of the joy and health in your body. The trick is to allow yourself to fully appreciate the pleasure of the reminder.

At first, it looks like a banal exercise class with nothing interesting going on.  I mean, Zumba is fun and all but it’s not exactly a performance art, nobody is selling seats in the observation deck for this. But after watching (and dancing along), I felt so connected to the world and to the part of my self that is pure health and joy. I got straight on my yoga mat and moved gently through my practice,  led solely by my body’s pleasure. And I’ll tell you what… I. Feel. So. Good.

The soreness in my throat is now a mere tickle. The discomfort, self pity, and guilt from earlier? Gone.

The amazing thing about this woman’s dancing is that she is truly enjoying herself!  She’s not doing “the right moves” and so her pleasure has nothing to do with looking any certain way. She is experiencing health and freedom in her body and THAT is why she is having fun.

I have decided that she was dancing just to remind me. To remind me that there is joy to be found in the body at all times, that to move (both on and off of my yoga mat) is to REVEAL that joy and REVEL in it.

Yes, the discipline of form and alignment is essential in a long term yoga practice. Yes, the choreography is essential in creating a body of work that gets people moving in unison. But isn’t the true essence of health and wellness the PLEASURE we extract from our “work”outs? Yes! Yes! Yes! And this woman, unbeknownst,  embodied that joy and sent it beaming straight to my heart this morning, I am so grateful.

To share my joy and pleasure today, here is my recommended to-do list:

1) Replay the video and dance along. Follow my girl in the white shirt instead of the instructor. Occasionally break off into your own amazing moves.

2) Feel your bones and muscles and organs coming to life, and grin from every cell.

3) Leave a comment and share what you think after doing this. Or, share something that you do to lift your spirits and bring your body back to health!



PS – I just watched again. I flipping love her! Someday, she and I will have a dance party,  and you’re all invited.